client guide notes

What to Expect

  • Clients will be assessed according to their individual needs; we will then match them with the right carer.

  • You choose the hours you want to have a carer, for example, you might want to have a live-in carer or simply the reassurance of someone staying the night.

  • All staff working for T.C.S. LTD are bound by rules of confidentiality which means that information about you or your service plan is not discussed outside the organisation. There may, however, be instances when professionals are asked to complete a report about your care, i.e., community practice nurse or General practitioner.

  • There is an "on call” arrangement, which exists to provide management support to all working staff and an emergency contact point for clients.

  • To ensure the provision of high quality care, our carers are eligible to work after an initial interview followed by an induction and training programmes, with three satisfactory references provided.

Standard- what to expect

  • To be involved in the decisions regarding when home care workers visit.

  • You will have a named home care worker who will normally come to provide a service. If a different worker needs to cover a shift, you will be informed in advance, wherever possible.

  • Cancellations and changes to be kept to a minimum.

  • Your home care worker to have the skills required to carry out and complete the set tasks on your care plan.

  • Your home care worker to arrive at the times you expect him or her if this is not possible, you will be informed of what is happening.

  • Your home care worker will check with named neighbours and relatives, if you do not answer the door when visited.

  • You will be given a number to contact should you have any concerns about the service or wish to complain.

  • We will always make sure you are given clear information about the services you receive.

  • We respect the views, cultural beliefs, religion and ethnic background of our clients and your needs will be matched to the appropriate experienced carer in the area required.

We endeavour to meet the above stated standard
Clients Involvement

We work towards clients being able to influence the way we provide services and in monitoring the quality standard. Care managers and carers play a vital role in ensuring that this is in place, but meaningfully Clients are encouraged and supported in participating within their own homes. This involves enabling clients to make decisions about their own environment and take a greater degree of control over the running of their care plan. Support staff has a key role to play in ensuring that this happens.
Client Services Manager

The role of the client service manager is to promote and develop client participation by working with both carers and the client to ensure that the structured procedures, knowledge and skills are in place. To enable this to happen, the client service manager provides training, advice assistance and information to staff, and they are available to work with carers in carrying out the role of developing supportive client's involvement.
Care Delivery

Needs and risks assessment are carried out including manual handling risks. This is completed by the Care Manager on the first day of a visit or within two working days. Clients are encouraged to be involved in every step of the procedures.

A plan is carefully drawn, and the carer/carers that are most suitable for the position will be inducted.

Reviews and re-assessment of care packages.

Reviews and reassessments of care packages are done every three months or if there is an urgent need for one to be carried out. The care manager will go through every step with the client until the best result is achieved and all needs are met.

Client Services Manager
Clients Rights

  1. All T.C.S. LTD client service plan has a fundamental background, which is delivering care with courtesy and helpfulness, dignity and promoting independence. This is incorporated at every level of care provision, T.C.S. LTD believes these are all clients' right and naturally we deliver a service, which meets your needs. All our clients have the right to control the service they receive.

  2. Life Style
    We respect and value the choice of our entire client's life style and the quality of service they require from us.

    All our clients have the right as an individual to be left alone or undisturbed away from intrusion. Privacy is important especially during personal care time, for example bathing and toileting.

  3. Clients can request for the same gender, as particular attention is always focused on clients personal care for example bathing. We do not permit male care worker to undertake personal care task for female service users, except with an explicit reason, which is recorded in clients file.

  4. Requesting for a change
    Clients have the right to request for a change of a carer, the organisation will not collude with racist, sexist or homophobic attitudes being expressed by clients through this choice, (reasons and frequency of request will be recorded).

  5. Clients can make a request to see their service plan and the carers' daily monitoring sheets by giving the organisation 24 hrs notice.

  6. Right to complain
    if you wish to make a complaint about the care you receive or a member of staff, you can complete one of the complaint forms or write to the proprietor:

    {Ms Josephine Albert.}
    Trinity Care Services Ltd,
    56 Semley Road
    London SWI6 4PJ,
    Tel 020 7643240.

    Where it will be dealt with and you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of your letter within two working days. Following this, your complaint will be investigated and you can expect a full reply to your complaint within 5 days.
Reasons why services maybe withdrawn

We expect all our clients to treat staff with respect, courtesy and consideration; no form of abusive conduct (verbal or physical) will be tolerated. T.C.S. LTD have an equal opportunity policy, a non-discriminatory practice, the organisation will not accept any racist, sexist or homophobic behaviour from the clients.

T.C.S. LTD. will inform clients when we can no longer provide services and we will give reasons before withdrawal. Where possible, we will arrange alternative care.

Non-payment of an ongoing service delivery: services will be withdrawn at this point except if prompt action is taken.
The Carers Role

To provide personal care services for example getting out of bed or going to bed, washing, shaving and eating meals.

To provide practical help such as household cleaning, shopping and preparation of meals, offering care and support and making clients comfortable enough while they remain in their homes with dignity and independence.
The Care Managers Role

The care managers make sure that the service plan is monitored and that all procedures are being followed.

The care manager also looks into clients' welfare issues and monitors the quality of care that T.C.S Ltd offers the clients.
Quality Assurance Process

This is carried out by an external organisation every six months. Clients are contacted twice a year for their opinion and survey questions are sent out quarterly. Management and staff training are looked into, and practical tasks are assessed and reviewed regularly including health and safety matters.
Details of Insurance Cover

The organisation is insured under both public and product liability and employers' liability.
Equal opportunity Statement

T.C.S. LTD takes the subject of equality of opportunity for all very seriously. The organisation will not tolerate clients’ who make carers feel unwelcome or frightened by their behaviour, on the grounds of race, colour or sex. This may lead to withdrawal of service.

As a client if you feel you have been treated unfairly, please to write to Trinity Care Services Ltd, 56 Semley Road, Norbury, SW16 4PJ or phone 0208 764 3240 and speak to the director. Complaints about discrimination or unfair treatment will be treated seriously and sympathetically at all times and an investigation will be carried out. The organisation is determined to make all efforts to prevent discrimination against clients and staff.

The organisation is aware that positive action is necessary in order to achieve its equal opportunity aims. This include following clear procedures in recruiting staff, developing awareness through training and the services that we provide.

T.C.S LTD aims to ensure that information about clients is used in a way that protects and promote their interests. If you believe that information about you is not being used in this way and want to know what to do, please read the Policy below.
T.C.S LTD Confidentiality Policy

  1. Information about clients will be used to protect and promote their best interests.

  2. Information will be reviewed with the principle of "who needs to know" in mind.

  3. If an outside agency requests information about a client it will only be passed on after the client concerned gives a written consent.

  4. All details concerning ex-clients will be destroyed after three years.

  5. If a client has informed the Agency that they are HIV positive, they will be given the choice as to whether they want this information held on file. They will be given the reasons why this information may be useful.

  6. Essential information will be secured, and access is properly controlled.

  7. Files will be regularly reviewed and outdated information is disposed.

  8. T.C.S Ltd is committed to practices and procedures that ensure confidentiality of the information relating to clients and staff are well protected.

  9. The Agency will allow clients reasonable access to any file held about them by the Agency and to correct any inaccuracy.

  10. Information can only be withheld from an individual for a specific reason.
The organisation cannot give access to information given in confidence by a third party without the prior written consent of that person (e.g. doctors, social workers).
For further information please contact the manager.


Provision for clients to inspect information held about them by the Agency.
Under the Data Protection Act, clients have a right to see details about themselves, which are kept on database, of the organisation. We will on request, allow clients to see (and correct) information held.

Any request to inspect information held on computer (or on file) should be made to the manager, who obtains the file within 7 days. "Confidential" material will be removed and reasons given for removal before information are given over for inspection.

Information must be returned within 24 hours unless permission has been granted to extend the timescale.
Harassment Policies

People may be, or feel harassed for reasons including race, sex, sexuality, age or disability.

Harassment is any form of abuse, intimidation, or threats of violence against a person or their property or living space.

T.C.S. LTD will not tolerate harassment from clients or staff.
Racial Harassment Policy
  1. Racial Harassment is any form of abuse, intimidation, threat or violence against a person, a group, or an attack on any property or living space, which is racially motivated.

  2. Harassment can be a deliberate act, which interferes with the peace, comfort or quality of life of an individual or group.

  3. Racial harassment happens to members of ethnic minorities. It is the organisation's responsibility to make sure that, wherever possible, victims receive full support and professional advice from members of their own community.

  4. If you feel you have been or being harassed you should immediately speak to the manager.

  5. Complaints of harassment will be treated seriously and sympathetically and an investigation will take place as soon as possible.

  6. Carers who are proved to have harassed a client can be subject to legal action to terminate their employment.
Staffs who have committed acts of harassment will be subject to the organisation's Disciplinary Procedures.
For further information or explanation contact the manager.
General Harassment Policy
  1. People can be harassed, or feel harassed for reasons other than race, which include sex, sexuality, age or disability.

  2. Harassment can be any deliberate act, which interferes with person's peace and comfort and would include any form of abuse, intimidation, threat of violence against a person or persons, or their property or living space.

  3. T.C.S. LTD does not tolerate harassment and complaints will be treated seriously and sympathetically.

  4. Clients and staff will be informed of actions and expressions that can cause offence and may be construed as harassment, these forms of behaviour will not be tolerated.

  5. Complaints of harassment will be taken seriously and the organisation will tackle the harassment immediately.

  6. Investigation will be undertaken confidentially to protect the person complaining.

  7. Staff will assist any client when making any complaint and the correct advice and any guidance will be given.

  8. If the complainant feels his/her complaint is not being dealt with effectively then he/she will be able to contact the manager directly. If this also is not satisfactory then they have the right to take the matter to The Commission for social Care Inspection Croydon & Sutton Area Office 8th Floor Grosvenor House 125 High Street, Croydon CR0 9XP. Tel: 020 82566430 or the Local Authority.

  9. Where a client wishes to make a complaint against staff of the Agency, assistance will be given in enabling an associate or friend to speak for them.
Clients' Complaints

T.C.S. LTD is expected to investigate complaints made by clients and to respond to them. Clients who wish to complain should speak to the manager.

  1. If you make a complaint, it will be investigated fully by the manager and the findings discussed with the director.

  2. All staff will assist a client in making a complaint and will ensure that you receive the correct advice and guidance.

  3. If you feel a complaint has not been dealt with satisfactory, you will have the opportunity to contact the director in person or through a representative.

  4. If a client still feels that their case has not been dealt with satisfactory, they may contact The Commission for Social Care Inspection Croydon & Sutton Area Office 8th floor Grosvenor house, 125 High Street, Tel: 020 82566430

  5. At no time will you be dissuaded from pursuing a "grievance" through the above procedure. All T.C.S. LTD staff will offer as much assistance as possible. However, if further help is needed, arrangements will be made for advice and assistance to be given by Citizens Advice Bureau, Law Centres etc.

    However, in exceptional circumstances, if you feel unhappy or uncomfortable about using the above, you can ask your advocate to get involved.

  6. Firstly, the advocate would need to establish if any member of staff is aware or already acting on the complaint and at what stage they had reached in terms of dealing with it.

  7. The advocate would then liaise on your behalf, contacting the manager and passing on the given information.

  8. If the initial contact from the advocate was by phone then the complaint should be put in writing immediately and signed by you if written by the advocate.

  9. The manager should acknowledge the complaint in writing to both the client and the advocate within 5 working days, sending you a copy of the complaint letter received.

  10. The complaint is then logged in a separate book and given a reference number.

  11. It is no longer the role or the responsibility of the advocate to remain active in the complaint and the manager will then proceed to resolve your problem as soon as possible by communicating directly with you.

Time Scale

  1. As stated above we will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 5 working days.

  2. You may expect a visit from the manager within a further 3 working days.

  3. You will receive a written response to your complaint not more than 15 working days from the date your initial complaint was received. However, should an "investigation" takes longer than anticipated you will be kept informed via the manager.
Hour of Operation

The office is open from 7:00am-6:30pm Monday to Friday. There is a twenty four hour “on call” in place after office hours. The on-call Care Manager can be reached on 07958246474.