Care Services
What is home care?
  • Home care is personal and practical care provided in a person's home by a paid carer.

  • Home care enables people who need support to live independently at home.

  • Home care is available to people who need help, particularly with personal care, so that they are able to remain living at home.

  • This may include:
  • Older people who are frail or vulnerable;

  • People who have physical, sensory or learning disability;

  • People who have physical or mental illness;

  • People who receive regular care from a relative or friend;

  • People who for a variety of reasons need support to care for their children.

  • We do not only cater for mainstream care, but also have a specialised bi-lingual service available to French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, African, and Asian communities. 

    We offer a fresh approach to care in the community with our wide range of professional services that enable clients to receive care whilst they remain in their home with dignity and independence.